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Disability Resource Connection-Franklin County SB40 Resource Board participated in the Disability Rights Legislative Day on March 11, 2020 at the State Capitol in Jefferson City.  This annual event focuses on supporting integration of individuals with disabilities in their communities, classroom settings and workplace environments.  Additionally, Service Coordination Staff met with legislators to rally support in restoring funding to the Department of Mental Health-Division of Developmental Disabilities in order to eliminate the current Medicaid Waiver waitlist.

News ReleaseWhy is there now a waitlist for services?

The Department of Mental Health announced that effective July 1, 2019, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DD) would implement a waitlist for in-home and residential Medicaid waiver services for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities because the Missouri State Legislature did not approve adequate funding. The Fiscal Year 2020 budget that was approved by the Missouri General Assembly only includes enough funds to serve approximately 444 new individuals annually, which is expected to leave more than 800 individuals waiting for services. Services affected include residential, personal assistance, behavior therapy/counseling services, specialized medical equipment and supplies, day habilitation programs, employment services, adaptive equipment and much more.

  • While the Governor Recommended budget for Fiscal Year 2020 included $30.3 million for over 1,700 individuals with disabilities to access both residential and in-home services, the approved budget only includes $8.5 million.
  • The Division of Development Disabilities is monitoring funding on a monthly basis. In-home services will be limited to 30 new individuals a month, and according to the Division, there were already 245 on an in-home waitlist for Medicaid eligible individuals as of September 2, 2019. Residential services will be limited to 5 new individuals per month, with 91 individuals already on the waitlist as of September 2.

What can I do to advocate for myself?

Please reach out to your state representative and/or senator to educate them on how being on a Medicaid waitlist affects you and your family and go to https://www.house.mo.gov/ .  Type in your address to find out who the legislators are that represent your district.

What do I say to the legislators?

Please tell them your story and how being on a waitlist affects your quality of life, as this decision limits your independence and access to interact within your community. Ask for their support in restoring funding to the Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities budget in order to eliminate the waitlist.

What additionally can I do to educate my legislators?

Please invite them to meet you and your family and see how the lack of critically needed supportive services have impacted your overall functionality to an enriched life.

Are there other advocacy efforts occurring in the state?

Disability Resource Connection-FCSB40RB and leaders across the state are continuing to educate legislators on the specific needs of our unique individuals we have the pleasure to serve on a daily basis.

Disability Resource Connection, formerly known as the Franklin County SB40 Resource Board, provides support, resources and advocacy for individuals with disabilities and their caregivers, living in Franklin County. Under the Senate Bill 40 (SB40) legislation in 1987 the government organization was developed to connect services for persons with developmental disabilities with those in need. A board appointed by the County Commission is responsible for overall operations.

Eligibility is determined by the Department of Mental Health. A developmental disability includes intellectual disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism or a similar condition diagnosed before the age of 22; however, Disability Resource Connection will work with disabled persons throughout their lifetime. They work closely with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Missouri First Steps.

How We Do It

Get Involved

We are looking for talented consumers to participate in our 1st Annual SB40 Artist Showcase 2019

  • What is the SB40 Artist Showcase: This event is an annual artist’s showcase that will display the talents and abilities of the individuals in Franklin County. Submitted artwork will be displayed for one year in the SB40 office building to show the unique talents of the individuals we serve. At the end of the year, artwork will be returned to the artist. Artists will be able to show of their creativity in various mediums to show their community the amazing artists of Franklin County.
  • Who is eligible to participate: Any individual receiving TCM services through Franklin County SB40.
  • Where to submit artwork: Artwork for the SB40 Artist Showcase can be turned in at the SB40 Office (1308 N. Church Street Union, MO 63084). Please include the Artist/Artisan Submission Demographic Sheet and Permit to Display Form with your artwork.

Please see forms below:

Artist-Artisan Submission Demographic Sheet


  • Deadline for submitting artwork: All artwork submission can be accepted starting 9/1/2019 through 9/30/2019 to be included in the 2019 SB40 Artist’s Showcase. Only one piece of artwork can be submitted per person.
  • 2019 SB40 Artist Showcase timeline: Art will be displayed in the SB40 Office Building from 11/1/2019-10/31/2020.
  • Subject Matter: Please submit artwork that reflects yourself. Anything that inspires you, motivates you, or makes you feel happy. We want the creative works submitted to reflect the amazing diverse and talented individuals we have the pleasure to work with.
  • Guidelines: No artwork will be accepted that exhibits any vulgar imagery, explicit language, or offensive subject matter. All artwork submitted will be reviewed before being displayed. The artist will be notified, and artwork returned to the artist if it does not meet these guidelines.

Media Formats and Guidelines:

  • Paintings: Please submit canvas paintings between 8×10 and 16×20 in size.
  • Drawings: Please submit drawings between 8×10 and 16×20 in size. Please use drawing paper for all submissions.
  • Photography: Please submit photos between 8×10 and 16×20 in size. Black and white or color accepted.

Creative Writing: All submissions are requested to be typed and printed.

  • Other Craft or Artist Projects: Examples: Knitting, Jewelry, Cross Stitching, Wood Carving, ect. For any other craft or artist projects you wish to submit, please contact the SB40 Office to receive approval. All submitted artwork will be displayed at the SB40 Office and display options will need to be discussed for any 3D artwork (this space may be limited).

For any questions please contact the Franklin County SB40 Office: 636-584-7240.

Volunteers Needed

The Franklin County SB40 Resource Board is searching for volunteers to serve on the Due Process Committee. This committee ensures that individuals receiving services from Franklin County SB40 Resource Board exercise or are assisted in exercising all rights under the United States Constitution as well as those stated in statute. The committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am to review and ensure due process has occurred when rights restrictions or limitations are imposed.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please contact:

Megan Porta
Due Process Committee Chair
636-584-7240, extension 1294


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